What To Look For In Chew Proof Canine Beds

As a pet parent, youll definitely want to give your precious pooch the best of everything. Theyll need delicious meals, healthy snacks, plenty of love, and the right bed. There is one slight problem. Dogs tend to be very chewy and theyll do their best to chew through everything that they come across. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to choose one of the top indestructible dog bed. Below, youll learn exactly what to look for when attempting to choose the right bed for your pooch.


First and foremost, youll want to make sure that you choose a bed that fits your dog. Dogs and bed are available in various sizes. Dachshunds can be small, while Great Danes are big dogs. Make sure that you take your poochs size into account. It might be sad to go through the entire process only to find out that you selected the wrong size in the future.


Another thing to take into consideration is the beds padding. Youll obviously want to make sure that your pooch is able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Therefore, youll need a sufficient amount of padding. If the bed has very little padding, the dog might as well be sleeping on the floor! The becomed should have padding everywhere, so itll perfectly cushion the dog throughout the night.


While youll want your dog to rest comfortably, youll also want to avoid creating an eyesore. With that being said, you should put a significant amount of emphasis into the beds style. Make sure that the bed is at least attractive. Choose a color that you like and play around with the various style options. Eventually, youll find a great looking bed that suits your unique needs.

Going Eco-Friendly

Are you the type of individual that wants to protect the environment? If so, you will be happy to know that there are eco-friendly beds on the market. These specific types of beds are made from recycled material. Some beds are made from recycled plastic bottles. Be sure to shop around to find a bed that suits your needs and also protects good old Mother Nature.


If your dog likes to chew anything and everything, youre going to need to think outside of the box. Look for an indestructible dog bed that cannot be destroyed easily. Beds can be labeled indestructible for several reasons. For starters, it might have something to do with the beds shape. There may be little to nothing for the dog to chew. Alternatively, many indestructible chew proof dog beds are manufactured from tough materials that can withstand a lot of punishment. A tougher bed is undeniably a must for a chewy dog that will attempt to gnaw through everything.

Your Budget

Last, but certainly not least, you should consider your budget. Youll always want to make sure that you get the best for your dog, but you should avoid overdoing it. There are many excellent budget beds on the market and theyll work exceptionally well. However, if youve got a little extra to spend, you should not be afraid to splurge! In the end, youll probably be glad that you did!