What Might Be Making Your Fish Nervous?

Setting up an aquarium in your home could be a great thing to accomplish, and it is certainly somematter that everyone can get a lot out of. However, thoughts is broken over the excitement of buying lots of aquarium accessories, you might find your fwill beh look a little nervous and there are many reasons for this to function as case. You will find there are a lot of things that will effect how your seafood behave, even things such as your Aquarium fertilizer which is added solely to boost plant growth, might have an adverse effect on your fis definitelyh. Here are a few of the main things that can make them nervous and information on what that you can do to greatly help them feel at ease.


If your fish dont have enough room, they wont be able to swim around properly, and failing to get the exercise that they need is really a huge reason why seafood might be a little nervous and unhappy. The actual number of fish that you can have will depend on the size and breed, and that means you should ask your supplier before you fill the tank.

A lot of noise

You might not think that fish can hear what is going on outside of the tank, but this isnt true. In the event that you live in a noisy environment, including things like loud music or screaming, the fish can pick up on this also it can make them a little nervous. So, it is best to do your best to make sure that your fish tank is in a place where your fish can swim around peacefully without any kind of disruption, and this is the best way to make sure that they are happy and contented.

A dirty tank

You should clean your tank every so often, and replace at least some of the water every single week. Thanks to the fact that so many of us are busier than ever, we may forget to do this and for this reason the fish could get nervous and unsettled. If you think that you are likely to forget to clean your tank, then it might be a good idea to set a reminder on your phone, as this means that the alarm would tell you exactly what needs to be done, and when. You can tell when a tank looks really dirty, but fish can get unsettled before this, so getting into a good routine is key.

The wrong food

If your fish dont like the food that they have been given, they wont be happy so if you cant seem to pinpoint what the problem could be with them, then changing their food could help. It is worth trying different brands or different types of food for example flakes instead of pellets as some fish just arent suited to certain kinds of food.

Once you have made changes, you should find that your fish are much happier than they were before. This is good for their health and will improve their life span, and you will be much happier watching them swimming round, knowing that they are happy and healthy in their own environment.