Tips For Training Your New Pit Bull Puppy

Usually do not lose your cool.

This is the main tip. we could understand that it could be frustrating to come home to a house packed with pee and poo or things chewed up and also to get angry but do not scream and reach your puppy. He doesnt know any better, hes just doing what comes in a natural way. Dont worry, as time passes things will improve.

Start training from day one.

Teach your puppy that you are the leader. A great way is with nourishing time. Before you supply your puppy hold his stuffed food dish in your hand and simply tell him to sit (Puppies usually go crazy during nourishing time). Once he calms down and sits, put the dish down and say good. This will teach him that you will be in control and a lot more you do this the sooner he will learn the term sit and an advantage will be that he will be quiet during nourishing amount of time in the future.

Introduce your puppy to everyone and everything.

Seriously! Take your pup with you everywhere possibly you can. Introduce him to people, children dogs, cats, squirrels, whatever, just get him to be cultural. A lot more you do this, the better your pet will be in several situations. A proper socialized dog is a much better behaved dog in many circumstances. They dont get overly fired up, nervous, stressed, or hostile like dogs that are not socialized.

Take your pup on walks.

Your dog doesnt automatically know how to walk on the leash. Many old dogs still have no idea. By taking your puppy on walks from day one not only are you performing exercises him and escaping . a few of that energy that may instead be spent tearing something aside, you are also educating him how to follow your lead and get comfortable on the leash. If your pup doesnt like the leash initially then just walk him with a collar and contain the leash in your hands. Hell follow you on your walk. Keep training until hes comfortable occurring walks with a leash on. Train your puppy not to take by stopping whenever he does and only setting up again when he follows your business lead. You might use the word heal when you do this.

Play with your pup.

Just like walking your pet eliminates build-up energy, so will playing fetch for minutes. Your pup is filled with energy and interest. You will be doing wonders using him and he will look onward t o play time and view it as a reward as soon as again you will tire him out and help stop bad patterns that is due to boredom and insufficient stimulation, like destroying the couch cushions.

Get some games.

Chew playthings, ropes, squeaky stuffed family pets, ballsThese will hopefully keep carefully the little one entertained for long enough so that he doesnt chew the thighs of your stand as long as youre away at the grocery store.

Enjoy the small things.

Literally, enjoy your pup being small because one day in the arriving months hell be huge and you will possibly not have the ability to carry him ever again and he could think hes a lap dog and join you while youre watching tv and it might hurt a lot.

All the best with your new Blue Pitbull puppies and do not get mad about those shoes, they can be replaceable. If you feel that a puppy might be too much work, there are extensive wonderful dogs that are holding out be rescued that already are trained. Avoid being fooled thinking a pup is the only path to go. Research your facts and show your knowledge!