Things To Look For In An Electric Dog Fence

Are you hopelessly looking for the best wireless dog fence for your little munchkin? Being a dog parent can be pretty much stressful and buying the best wireless dog fence for him/her can be a big decision to make. There is a great array of variety in dog fences and a lot of them claim to be the best. The choices can be a chaos and can make your choice pretty tough. Thus, we have been here to assist you in this process.

How can you select the best wireless dog fence?

There are a lot of different aspects that need to be considered while you check the variety of wireless dog fences. These dog fences certainly are available for your canine from the new technology gadgets. The main ones are the type and size of your pet and property. This is a set of important features that must be within a good wireless dog fence:

Size of the Property:

Every wireless fence has its own specific range and something must check it before purchasing the system. The size of one’s property matters a lot as it is the baswill be of the fences that you will get. Some wireless dog fences likewise have expandable property ranges aswell.

Shape of your Property:

Most of the wireless dog fences are circular in shape and some are designed for rectangular or square shaped yards. The most common shape transmitters are circular and when you dont have a circular yard, you then must consider the shape the fence will come in. irregular or different formd properties usually get wired dog fences but there are a few wireless dog fences too.

Metal Doors:

Metal doors and blocks can cause hindrance in the signals of the transmitter. The waves will not travel through the metal doorways and blocks. Very rare dog fences send the waves across metal doors or claim to take action. It is best to check if the dog fence supports metal doors or not before purchasing the fence.

Size of the dog:

Weight or size of your dog matters a lot when it involves purchasing the right wireless dog fence. How big is the dog determines the fact that the shock remains mild for your pet and doesnt get unbearable for your canine. Thus, do pay attention to the truth that what performg size does your dog fence support.

Dog Breed:

Some breeds are friendly and some are extremely stubborn. Plenty of amazing wireless dog fences describe the sort of canines and breeds that they support and are best for. As some breeds learn faster plus some are usually slow and sensitive and some are good at learning fast. Thus, you should start to see the static correction level and training process of the fence system before purchasing it. Your pet type defines the kind of training that is needed.

Age of your Dog:

Wireless dog fences state the age of dogs which are suitable for it. They have all the requirements mentioned. Also these systems aren’t meant for dogs that below 6 months. Thus, ensure that you have suffice knowledge about what age is the best for you to start using a wireless dog fence system for your pet.

of Dogs:

Some wireless dog fences support just one dog and some support multiple dogs. Depending on how many dogs you own or what are your plans for your pet; you need to buy a dog fence accordingly. If you dont plan to expand your dog family then it is okay for you to get a dog fence that supports only one dog. However, in case you have two or you are planning to grow a family, then make sure that you make a good investment for once and for all.


This is the final or probably the most important consideration to make before you head out to fetch for the best wireless dog fence for yourself. You need to see how much you are willing to spend on getting the best containment system for your dog. Also, you need to keep in mind that a good system is not going to cost you less than $. A budget between $-$ is the best to keep.


With these basic considerations to make, you may get the best wireless dog fence for your pet and ensure safety for them. Make sure that you consider all these things (from the pet size to your property size and breed etc.) so that you make the best choice for your little one.