Stop your dog from jumping

Stop your dog from jumping – Training methods to keep your dog from getting on furniture or people

Does your dog love to jump on people? Have you ever felt it was time to stop your dog from jumping? If so, then this is the guide for you! In this article, we will teach you how to stop your dog from jumping using two training methods – management and desensitization. If you want to find out more about how to keep your dog from jumping on people or other dogs, read on!

 How to prevent your dog from jumping

You can’t just tell a dog no and expect it to understand, but you can start training them not to jump. There are three common ways of doing this. First, don’t give them anything until they sit down, then reward them with something of value. Second, act like a scaredy cat when the pooch jumps up. Bend down away from the dog and roll up in a ball so that the only thing visible is your face peeking out over your knees.

Focus on training

The first thing you should do is change the behavior using proper training. The easiest way to stop a dog from jumping up is through association. To do this, you will need some of your dogs favorite treats, a leash and some patience. Start by putting the leash on the dog and handing them one of their favorite treats while they are standing down and in place. Tug back slightly so that they follow the treat but don’t pull away hard enough for them to try to jump up at it.

Keep distractions out of the way

Some techniques for managing an exuberant dog in the house include:

Keeping dogs confined in a small room (like a bathroom) for short periods of time when unsupervised. This prevents them from destroying items and doing damage.

Training your dog using confinement, containment, and trainer guidance. Use this method if you live in an apartment building or if the outside yard is not fully fenced in.

Ignore it

Most dogs will go through a period of being a pup and they want to jump up and lick everyone. So don’t let them! You can train them that it’s not an okay thing by rewarding them for something else. Teach them other things such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ so that when you see someone coming towards you, the dog will automatically obey the command. They may have a small issue remembering these commands in the future but it is better than having to constantly remind your pup every time.

Use more rewards and less punishments


Prevent access to what you don’t want him/her to get into

Get a pet gate that can be used to block the door. If you’re always at home, it might make sense for you to permanently block off an area of the house with a heavy object like a couch so that he can never jump up again. You could also have someone in the household hold him down if he starts pawing at something so that he doesn’t learn how much fun it is. We don’t recommend using any physical force to stop this behavior because it’s important to teach your dog what is appropriate and what isn’t. When he does jump, praise him when he gets down and ignore when he jumps back up

In Conclusion

Using these methods that we have described should help.  It takes practice from your pooch and, patience from you.  If all else fails a professional trainer might be able to help.

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