Saddle Box A Monthly Horse Box For Horse Lovers

On a monthly basis, SaddleBox sends you to treat, grooming products, and other fun surprises that your horse will love. But thats not all: every box contains something special for horse owners, too! And a percentage of our earnings go to helping abused and forgotten horses. If youre an equine lover, youll love SaddleBox! SaddleBox is a great way to make your horse happy every month, but we know that many neglected horses dont have an owner who cares for them. Our family really likes horses, and we made the decision that a portion of earnings from each SaddleBox subscription will go toward helping abused and forgotten horses.

Where we are sure to have a saddle to meet your needs at a cost to fit your budget. With this complete selection of beautiful, hand-tooled, you are assured to get top-notch quality for your operating pleasure. An expertly-designed, high-quality leather, suede or artificial saddle with hand-tooled workmanship can make an enormous effect on your pleasure riding, ranch work, trail adventures and show ring performance. Nothing says an amazing birthday gift than a subscription box from Saddle Box! Much of the excitement does not know what items are included for you and your horse. Saddle Box is a family-owned equestrian subscription box company based in the United States. Their circulation is growing every month and is quite a popular gift option for horse lovers. This usually is an overview of the September Saddle Box. This usually handy tool plays double duty. Not only will it help to shed your horse from his fluffy winter coat, but it also is perfect for after bath time to remove excess water. No one is usually loosing this in their tack box. The bright colored handle is easy to spot and easy to carry. It even includes a useful hook to hold it close by for quick access. Ever battle to connect a quick release knot? AFTER first began dealing with horses, it was a problem. This usually convenient guide is pocket-sized. Keep it in your vehicle, tack container, or grooming tote for the easy guideline. Freshly baked equine treats. finally got him to poke his nasal area out of his stall very well. The Saddle Container is an excellent way to try services and theyre properly sized to squeeze in your show handbag, truck, grooming tote, or tack container.

Who is your target market?

SaddleBox has all kinds of subscribers, but a huge majority of the people who purchase the package are the woman. The subscription package e-commerce market, in general, is female dominated, and women make up the major involved audience for equine content on public mass media (where we find the majority of our clients).

How often do you send them out and to how many people?

We send out an intro box to new subscribers as soon as they sign up, then a new box every month around the th day of the month. Thousands of equestrians have registered to try SaddleBox and talk about it using their horses.

What sort of products do you include?

We include horse goodies, grooming products, books, small tack items, and other fun items which might interest our subscribers. Were always searching for new equestrian-related products relating to SaddleBox.