Ewegurt Is Unique And An Issue Solver

Nutritional Powerhouse -When comparing cow and goat milk to sheep milk one sees the bigger levels of critical nutritional substances like protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6,B and D, to mention a few. It also has double the protein plus much more of the right kind of healthy fats. Sheep milk can be naturally homogenous.

Healthy Food Topper that promotes a healthy immune system It really is ideal to add Ewegurt to a daily diet and would be highly recommended to raw feeders given that they should add yogurt to their dogs diet. It has also been proven very successful in older dogs with senior issues to greatly help them feel their optimum within their golden years.

Natural probiotic- This is a wonderful probiotic that helps dogs who’ve been on antibiotics or have gut issues that need healing. Because the digestive tracts many functiupons intertwine with a dogs whole body, Ewegurt is an excellent addition to any dogs daily food diet especially if he has a sensitive tummy, diarrhea or constipation.

Natural stress reducer The large amount of magnesium that sheep milk contains really helps to reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation NATURALLY. It becomes a natural for car trips, separation anxiety, excessive barking, trips to the vet, or perhaps a thunder phobic dog. Yes, there are other stress reducers out there, but most of them are usually drops or lab created pills. Folks are beginning to understand that organic may be the way to go to help their canine companions lead a wholesome, extended life. And best of all, they love the taste of Ewegurt treat supplements.

Helps with the bonding process between pet parents and fosters of recently adopted dogs.

Since Ewegurt helps to relax dogs with anxiety, this is a natural for newly adopted dogs who usually have anxiety issues and/or tummy issues because of a poor diet or neglect. We’ve shared wonderful success stories on the site blog. Please take a glance and incorporate these while explaining the advantages of Ewegurt.

Helps educate pet parents on the benefits of Ewegurts ingredients in their dogs diet.

Each ingredient in Ewegurt helps maintain a sound body and many of the ingredients (i.e. kale, blueberries) have cancer fighting properties or help purge your body of environmental toxins (i.e. beets).Please visit