Choosing The Right Dog Bowls Benefits Of Slow Eating

Visit any pet supply store and youll find yourself overwhelmed at the sheer number of different dog bowls available. Plastic bowls, steel bowls, ceramic bowls and much more provide a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, however, many dog feeding dishes have been made to offer additional health advantages for your canine. If your dog has a habit of gulping down his food faster than it is possible to blink, you might like to consider switching to what is known as a slow eating canine bowl.

Eating prematurely can result in a bunch of different problems for your dog. In accordance with leading veterinarians, dogs who inhale their food at meal time come in a higher risk for choking, certain digestive troubles, mayine obesity, and also a potentially life-threatening condition called gastric torsion or bloat. Large, deep-chested breeds such as for example Weimaraners and Great Danes are specially vunerable to bloat, even way more if indeed they also have a habit of eating prematurely.

Whether its not corrected, bloat can result in a condition called Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV). That is when a dogs stomach actually twwill bets in the body, trapping gasses, and the problem often requires major surgery to cope with the stomach and release the trapped gas buildup. Outward indications of GDV include general agitation, flatulence, panting, excessive drooling, gagging and abdomen swelling.

Slow eating dog bowls are specially made to make it practically impossible for your pet to eat too fast. There are a number of different designs out there, however they all work using pretty much the same idea. The bowls feature internal dividers and/or central raised areas in several shapes which ensure it is difficult for your pet to use large mouthfuls of food simultaneously. The idea is the fact by slowing the pace of food consumption you can reduce the amount of air your dog ingests at meal time and help reduce the probability of your pet choking or overeating.

Furthermore to specialty products like slow eating dog bowls, many veterinarians also recommend feeding dogs with a tendency to eat too fast, smaller sized meals each day rather than one large meal. Feeding smaller, more frequent meals can also help you prevent bloat, overeating and obesity in your dog. By training your dog to consume more slowly youre promoting good digestion of food, which causes a healthier, happier could find more info at

If you are concerned about your dogs eating habits, or you think your pet may be experiencing bloat, the first rung on the ladder is to get hold of your veterinarian FAST. Your vet will review every one of the possibilities to help your pet develop healthier eating habits and check to make sure your pet isnt experiencing any gastrointestinal issues. You can even discuss different types of specialty dog bowls in the marketplace today which means you can make the best decision which type is most beneficial for your pet.